Leo Minor - You Can't Drag Me Down

Matt Clutton 22/10/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

New fish Leo Minor's route to EP 'You Can't Drag Me Down' is lengthy but in the short version Jason Todd, a.k.a. Leo Minor, went from workaholic underground Hip Hop Producer to Ziggy Stardust wannabe. Kick started into action following a lengthy period of inactivity on the tail end of days spent at home watching Montel Williams, twiddling his thumbs and wondering
what to do next, enough was enough, the creative mind was back in action!

Minor draws on his Hip Hop roots, playing on the Super Mario soundtrack line of attack more than the Run DMC shimmy. Clean and simple, Minor's obsession for melody shows itself in a well orchestrated union of electronic beats and cymbals, honky-tonk piano and synth effects. Whilst his vocals aren't the most appealing their playful nature and tone lean towards electro clash, new waver Calvin Harris.

Released 12/11/2007