She & Him - In The Sun

Chris Tapley 09/03/2010

Rating: 3/5

It's an increasingly difficult task distinguish between admiration of Zooey Deschanel's lovely face or any genuine talent which she possesses. 'In The Sun' is the first single to be taken from Volume 2, her second album with M Ward and it presents a similar problem.

On the surface 'In The Sun' is something of a revelation, all chiming piano, shadowy guitar solos and chanted group backing vocals (courtesy of Tilly and the Wall). It sounds like a classic pop song, though after a few more listens its lack of emotional substance becomes palpably clear. The fact that this isn't immediately obvious though is a reflection of Ward's excellent production job.

Initially a dizzying sugar rush, the more you listen to this track the more it seems as though you're staring in to the dead listless eyes of every failed actor turned singer who've made an ill advised stab at country music. So you know, enjoy it, but just don't spend too much with it or you'll ruin it for yourself. Undoubtedly a decent track but hopefully there will be much more on offer from Volume 2.

Release Date: Out Now