David E. Sugar - Party Killer

Antonio Rowe 10/08/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

David E. Sugar isn't exactly what you'd call a fresh face on the music scene - he's being a firm favourite on the U.K and European Chip Music scene since 2004. Having filled the support slot for fellow dance popstar Clavin Harris in the past, he's also been known for dabbling with 'tracker' software: a piece of production equpiment, that you can be found on game boy: it enables it's user to create intricate sound sequences.

Thankfully, new single 'Party Killer' doesn't rely so much on the noises of circuit breakers and game boys alike, instead the melody of the track is made up of indie-electro samples and layered guitars, it's catchy and different enough to be considered fresh, it's a good pop ditty enough to so see Mr Sugar knocking around 6 years plus.