Plain White T’s - Hey There Delilah

Beckie Jordan 15/09/2007

Rating: 5/5

Chicago punk/poppers Plain White T's have caused a storm with their re-release of 2005 hit 'Hey There Delilah'.This is a rather fluffy song compared to the other tracks on their third album All That We Needed.

Delicate strings, acoustic guitars and soft vocals make this a rather sad song, with lyrics to tug at even the toughest of heart strings. It certainly has the wiff of 'emo' about it, which is neither here nor there, but lyrically and musically, this is a very strong track.
So good in fact, that even Radio 2 have been playing it on everything from Terry Wogan to Steve Wright's shows. However, the song lulls you into a false sense of security, and if your not a fan of the new wave of emo/pop/punk bands, leave the album well alone. This is certainly a must for the I Pod though.