Milky Wimpshake - One Good Use For My Heart

Clark Summers 06/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

In just under thirteen minutes these Newcastle based stalwarts deliver four delicious nuggets of clever, sweet (but never saccharine) indie-pop loveliness and one clunker. Milky Wimpshake are the perennial and much loved underdogs of the indie pop scene, they fly the flag for old school indie with a slight punk twist (more Buzzcocks than Sham 69 or Green Day). Pete Dale might not possess the voice of an angel but there's something comforting about it like a cup of sugary tea on a cold winter evening and he's certainly a fine lyricist in the Billy Bragg mould i.e. sharp, clever and crucially - funny.

Having said all that the car crash masquerading as a cover of the Isley Brothers This Old Heart of Mine(Is Weak For You) should have never left the pressing plant. There are some songs which are best left uncovered and this is one of them. It's a good job the bright and breezy opener 'One Good Use For My Heart' and 'Milky Cliché' more than make up for this aberration.