Dega Breaks - All Night

Ross Cunningham 01/04/2008

Rating: 3/5

“All Night” is the promising new single from London four piece “Dega Breaks”. It signals their first release on “New Music Club”. If you're after a slice of electro tinged radio friendly Indie pop rock then look no further. Although it's nothing groundbreaking “All Night” has all the pieces of the puzzle needed to guarantee your toes will be tapping within the first 30 seconds. The press release mentions that lead singer Dominic Otero “spits lyrics like a man on fire” and it's hard to disagree. You can definitely hear urgency in his vocal delivery, and it's easy to imagine the spit flying at the microphone as he sings “You got me working all day and feeling all night”. The drums pound at a steady pace throughout as the bass rumbles along and the synth keys soar. A remix of the song by “Tronik” who has worked with the likes of “The Rakes” and “Late Of The Pier” among others has also been playlisted on XFM. “All Night” definitely shows potential, and if drummer Alex Sagba decides to give up working on being killed as an extra to concentrate fully on the band then who knows what the future could hold.

“All Night” is available to download now