The Hair - Ghosts

Charlie Southwell 12/03/2007

Rating: 5/5

New sensations The Hair seems to have caught on with the fashionable electro-indie scene, being catchy punk-funksters with a huge sound fuelled by boogie-get-your-groove on rhythms. There's cowbells incorporated in the beats rather than the more straight up use in other rock band's songs has brought them a record deal with Cool For Cats. Which just happens to be a new subsidiary of Fierce Panda, who's most successful artist in terms of the charts are Art Brut, but that might just change.

Opening line of new single Ghosts, “She Said, Your never going to amount to much” sets up the song to prove our female protagonist wrong, whoever she might be. Great pop-inspired slap bass intertwine perfectly with luscious synths and a trio of promiscuous vocalists, blast their way through the polished and organised chaos. B-Side 'Left Foot Right Foot' is a boogie march through a surreal world, leaving you wondering why more bands like this exist.

If there's any justice in the world then The Hair won't just be the support act for much longer and they'll set about climbing to giddy heights. They're a band to be seen live and no doubt during festival season they will be heard by more then a few pairs of ears. 'Ghosts' is a fantastic song, and will leave you chaffing for the upcoming album, off which other top tracks include sample heavy 'Hooker' and insanely catchy 'Stocks'. Watch out for this band. If they don't rule the world soon, you'll all be held accountable!!

Released: 12/03/2007