Tubelord - Propellor

Kyle Ellison 02/11/2009

Rating: 3/5

Propellor is the first single to be taken from Tubelord's debut album, Our American Friends, and at first glance it seems like an odd choice. Although it bursts out of the traps with a driving bassline and fantastic vocal interplay, after the initial first minute it seems to get rather lost. Not that this is a bad track by any means, but it's lacking in direction, and falls apart trying to glue interesting segments together.

The track's production must be praised for the clarity of sound that is a running theme throughout the album, a feature the band has struggled to bring to a live setting. It's a shame that this sound couldn't be channelled into more focussed songwriting, so that Tubelord can embrace the massive potential they undoubtedly have. Still, this is not a bad effort, and the album it's derived from contains much bigger and better things.