Shock Defeat - How Did We Make it so Angry?

Matt Harrold 07/12/2006

Rating: 2/5

If GIITTV was in the habit of awarding stars on basis of weird cover art then Shock Defeat's 'How Did We Make It So Angry?' would be up for at least four out of five, a genetic experimentation gone wrong is always, always cool. Sadly for them we've actually got to listen to their music. Call it professional pride, call it a work ethic or just plain old guilty pangs but we owe it to you the reader to give you a fair and unbiased review.

Right now you've ascertained we're not a certain weekly music rag that's chaffing at the bits to find the next best thing to shout out about, you'd be wondering to yourself “Why the hell isn't this reviewer getting on with his job?” (Yes why aren't you getting on with it? - Ed)

Metronome bass lines are not the greatest idea, it takes a genius song to distract you from the fact the bassist is playing exactly the same two notes for the majority of the song, and no 'How Did We Make it so Angry?' is not a genius song. Although it's not a complete pile of steaming crap on a cold winter's morning either. There's some nice Gang of Four riffing added to a toe tapping tight disco beat, but with the likes of the Rapture already having done that whilst tripping their balls off on acid, it leaves Shock Defeat feeling: well a little uninspired. B sides wise 'Ancient Bones' would have picked up this years award for most grating vocals if it wasn't for 'Dance Fatigue' which finds Talking Heads being fronted by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness infamy. Never, ever a good thing if you want to be taken seriously.

Snakes and Ladders.