Boy Crisis - Tulipomania

Richard Wink 22/02/2010

Rating: 1/5

I often wonder if a lot of these Brooklyn bohemians are merely letting off steam before settling down and getting a job somewhere along Wall Street. Hey man, let's start a band (and put those piano lessons to good use), wear Day-Glo, become vegetarians and take some street quality drugs. These could almost be lyrics to an MGMT song, coincidentally Boy Crisis are like MGMT, alumni of Wesleyan Art College (the NY equivalent of Goldsmiths?).

Sounding like Prince, or Chromeo if castrated and shorn of the all important thrusting love pump, singer Victor Vazquez comes across as a young gigolo that possesses a micro penis, he attempts to make up for his lack of girth by larking about, and putting on an act that oozes charisma, only this act is buried underneath layers of tacky thrift shore clothing and arty paraphernalia.

The flighty revival of Electronic Pop has had its day, and this record released only last year already sounds dated as we reach the end of the second month of 2010. I guess the British equivalent of these Yanks would be Golden Silvers. Another bunch of nostalgia hungry STUDENTS who think that pretending to live their musical careers like they are Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap is a good idea.

If there is any justice in the world then Boy Crisis will never make another 'album'. They will collectively retire to the Hamptons and move back into the basement of Ma and Pa, where they will enroll on an accounting course and then one day in the near future work as interns under the tutelage of the real life equivalent of Gordon Gekko.