Archangel - Physical Energy

Louise Evans 30/07/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Unusual subject matter seems to be the order of the day on this release from Archangel, featuring the observations of an insomniac about someone who is asleep followed by a tale of a computer falling in love with its owner. Essentially a double A-side single, 'Physical Energy' is the second release from the London based trio.

The title track has a darkness and sparsity to the music in keeping with its nocturnal setting. Ringing guitars hide behind distorted keyboards creating an ominous backdrop. Further distortion is applied to the vocals giving them a nasty, menacing manner complementing the lyrical observations. On the other hand, 'Drive' has a lighter tone to it. Made up of exactly the same musical components, the song has a much poppier sound and is more up tempo than the first track. This impression is increased by the deliberate immaturity of the lyrics combined with the slightly dubious nature of the story. Coming up with something a little different makes this a good start for Archangel and should help them build on the interest garnered by their debut.