Morning Runner - Burning Benches

Toby Rogers 20/04/2006

Rating: 2/5

Allegedly the reason Chris Martin scrapped the first round of sessions for X & Y, it's no surprise that Reading's Morning Runner hail from the same school of pseudo-intellectual student rock as Gwyneth's hubby.

Robbing riffs at gunpoint from Keane's ivory tinkler Burning Benches is a self-indulgent, pompous stab at the deep and meaningful. Treading the same path that catapulted Travis, Snow Patrol and Starsailor to major commercial success and critical disdain, this is the soundtrack to the lives of boring bedroom boffins in every hall of residence in England.

Lacking any punch and minus the songwriting ability of Apple's dad, Morning Runner look destined for anything but greatness. After Radiohead blew open the doors to this brand of intelligent, emotional music in the nineties there was always going to be a host of pretenders following suit. It's just a shame so few bands can live up to their standards. Judging by this track, Morning Runner aren't one them.