Time. Space. Repeat., Star Chamber, The Veez, Guardians Of The Ancient Wisdom, Officer Kicks - Earwax radio podcast-Download it now!

Bill Cummings 27/09/2007

The new Earwax Radio podcast is now online and features new music from Officer Kicks and Time.Space.Repeat plus Jamie and Andy head to North Kent for the First Live Music event with Star Chamber, The Veez and Panic Plan, plus they catch up with the Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom at the New Cross Inn.

1. Officer Kicks - Nip & Tuck
2. Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom - Duality
3. Star Chamber - Radio Edit
4. Panic Plan - Love
5. The Veez - Escape
6. Time.Space.Repeat - The End of the World

Download it now for free from the Earwax Websites:

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