Saint Etienne - Method of Modern Love

Joe Clark 10/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

A brace of new tunes produced by electro-pop genius Richard X to celebrate Saint Etienne's latest greatest hits package, 'London Converstions.'

'Method of Modern Love' is the star of this AA sideshow, a slice of melancholy disco with Sarah Cracknell cooing sweetly about falling in love like the perennial teenager she seems to be. 'This is Tomorrow' is a reworked version of the title track from their documentary on the Royal Festival Hall from 2006 and, while a diverting ode to a splendid building and modernism in general, feels a bit limp next to it's more tuneful partner.

Those two are your lot for the 7", but of the bonus stuff available over other formats I urge you to check out 'Method of Modern Love (Richard X Joins Our Clique Mix)' for a full-on tears on the dancefloor extravaganza to rival 'Call the Shots' by Girls Aloud.

Release Date: 02/02/09