Rapid Fiction - Demo

Alex Worsnip 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

It's infrequent that a demo even remotely interests me, so credit to East London band Rapid Fiction for creating something that sounds pretty good. The two tracks here are both strong, especially for a demo, unavoidably derivative and muffled by a lack in production resources, but nevertheless well-crafted and far better than some of the turgid rubbish that arrives in the post for me more frequently. Opener 'Discourse' is dissonant, moody and slightly angular, with cutting guitars, very much along the lines of Interpol, with slightly cliched lyrics. Second track 'Narcostar' is the better of the two: rippling with chilly synths and pointed guitars, a bit like Joy Division meets Kraftwerk, and opening with the strangely enticing and amusing line: “I can watch you/like MTV”. With better production, this latter track would actually be something I'd rather like to listen to of my own free will. Thus, Rapid Fiction are one to watch.