Lior - This Old Love

Matt Harrold 31/01/2007

Rating: 1/5

Wait a minute. Isn't it too late for the music industry to churn out another artist in their attempt to grab that important MOR market? Well it seems not as the parent seeking musical Tomahawk Cruise missile that is singer-song writer Lior gets released onto the unsuspecting northern hemisphere. Hailing from down under Lior peddles the sort of inoffensive crap that tends to make it into the play lists of Virgin Radio rather than the more selective Radio 6. The guitars are plucked softly as such thought inspiring lines like “Oh time moves like a train/That disappears into the night sky” are sung whilst a thick glob of strings is pasted into the background. When, apart from in Back To The Future 3, has anyone ever seen a train fly?

Oh wait, of course it's supposed to be a metaphor! Just a shame it isn't one about how the train hits Lior at 70 mph. The worst is yet to come with the acoustic Bside "Autumn Flowers" where Lior seems to drop any pretence of singing and is instead possessed the spirit of Chewbacca out of Star Wars having an epileptic fit. If you want to impress your partner who happens to be devoid of good musical taste on valentines day then this is the song for you. Otherwise steer clear, resist the smooth vocals and let the mothers and father of western civilisation draw this Australian James Blunt into their hearts instead.