Just Jack - Glory Days

Paul Cook 16/04/2007

Rating: 3/5

Cockney charm and chirpy rhythm propelled North Londoner 'Just' Jack Allsopp to the top of the charts recently with debut smash 'Stars in their Eyes'. This second release from the album 'Overtones' is a feel good, get-up-and-go pop number with as much cheeky, cheerful everydayness as 'Stars in their Eyes.'

Typically unconvincing and lack-lustre lyrics again, let a genuinely likeable pop track slip into a dreary, tiresome radio-replay. The lyrics are touch and go. Play on words such as “I know I'm caned but now I'm feeling able” is clever and slightly more playful than what you might expect of a current pop tune. However, in places they're far too cheesy to take seriously, in particular the exclamation “damn it I'm in love with this planet.”

Besides a few clichés here and a cheesy line there, 'Glory Days' is a likeable track and if not taken too seriously is a cheerful, buoyant number full of feel good lines and an equally up-beat backing track. Everything you would expect of a follow up to the somewhat aged 'Stars in Their Eyes.'