The Research - I Think She's The One I Love

Clark Summers 29/10/2008

Rating: 4/5

This jaunty, jangly and completely awesome comeback single re-ignites our simmering love affair with Wakefield's finest indie pop tykes The Research. Those heartless fools at EMI may have dropped them (presumably because they weren't shifting Robbie Williams-esque units) but let's be frank, EMI's loss is clearly the gain of a) you and me, b) their new non-corporate paymasters at This Is Fake DIY. Hurrah!

'I want to feel her sorrow / I think she's the one I love' intones a doleful Russell 'The Disaster' Searle proving that in the two years that have passed since we last heard from them very little has changed in Research-land. Russell (or at least the character he's portraying in this number) is yet again unlucky in love but at least he now has an acoustic guitar* to throw into the mix along with those lovely keyboard lines which made this trio stand out from the rest of the indie-pop crowd. Georgia and Sarah provide backing harmonies to die for which are the perfect foil to Russ' reedy vox and lo and behold a minor lo-fi indie pop classic with a slightly sixties-ish feel is born. A betting man would suggest that album number two is well worth a punt on this form.

* fear not this doesn't have even the remotest whiff of 'dad rock' about it.