Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into

James McDonald 19/06/2006

Rating: 5/5

I really hate being such a sucker for this band. I always listen to new material by an artist I love with a critical ear, trying to be stubborn in allowing it to win me over again. But this is exactly the case when Karen-O bursts into a fragile yet potent delivery of the line “I know, what I know…”; I find myself grinning stupidly and melting at the knees much like I did when I heard the “Y Control” for the very first time. Damn it.

“Show Your Bones” has revealed a more emotional side to a band we used to associate with sweaty shows in the New-York underground, and they have benefited all the more for it. An example of which obviously being numerous television appearances, on the likes of TOTP and Friday night with Wonathan Woss. Musically, the tact has also worked wonders, and “Turn Into” is probably the best evidence of this.

Karen-O's perfect vocal performance really is the highlight of these four minutes of raw feeling, singing as if it was the last time she ever would with a bitter-sweet blend of naivety and despair. Couple this with rumbling drums and a screaming guitar riff and it's hard not to concede to the brilliance of the track.

If the 'old' Yeah Yeah Yeah's were the fiery, sassy girlfriend you wished you'd kept for longer, then their modern persona much more resembles your new love, and “Turn Into” her smile you can't help but adore.