Plain White Ts - Our Time Now

Daniel Smith 06/05/2008

Rating: 3/5

“Beware the crossover hit, for it is at best a double edged sword” - Shakespeare might have said, had he been a music journalist in the closing years of the noughties. With those proverbial two cents, he'd have been bang on the money - but alas, this unwritten rule of the music industry seems to have passed Plain White T's by. Lovelorn acoustic ballad '…Delilah' may have won the US pop-punkers a few 'T-curious' potential fans this side of the pond, but the question is; can the band keep them interested when their regular material is so markedly different?

Answer? Probably not. Latest single, Our Time Now, is a somewhat clichéd mix of quiet verses and loud, distorted choruses that are coloured with the same optimistic 'us against the world' lyrics '…Delilah' had, sans the intimacy and focus. In truth, the track could have been lifted straight from the soundtrack of any of the American Pie films or their contemporaries. Like them, Our Time Now is an enjoyable but disposable slice of US pop culture.