Delooze - Too Heavy To Stand Up

Owain Paciuszko 11/10/2010

Rating: 3/5

Theatrical rock with an eighties bent from UK duo, its choral backing vocals and elegantly delivered female lead vocal over The Cure-like drumming and various swells of guitar noise and synths. This single is a well produced if not exactly attention grabbing offering, its pleasingly different from a lot of other artists and melds together a kind of Shakespear's Sister Operatic-alternative vibe with trip-hop leanings.

Elsewhere there's the 'original' version next to the radio edit, and it doesn't really feel much different apart from being five and a half minutes instead of three and a half; kind of like a 'Director's Cut' that just adds in a few more establishing shots. Finally there's a live version of the 'original' version which is just as fine as either of the others. Simply put this is a good song with a different, intriguing sound that suggests Delooze could be a very exciting band to keep your ears pointed towards.