Lauren Pritchard - Painkillers

Tiffany Daniels 25/08/2010

Rating: 2/5

There must be something in the water. Either that, or in an attempt to overthrow the decent female singer-songwriters out there, the following catastrophe has happened: T-Mobile and every other phone company this side of Calcutta have hired a legion of mediocre 20-somethings, and they've been set on us, brandishing their acoustic guitar like it's the latest edition of GHD; singing about their poor little broken hearts. Sounds like something straight out of a Boots advert, no?

On her new single 'Painkillers,' Madison City's Lauren Pritchard sings about taking her own life over a particularly bad break up. All together now: oh! Her poor little broken heart!

To give Pritchard the credit she deserves, there is some emotional turnover in her soulful chords; the kid can carry a tune. What's disappointing is that despite having an affiliation with both Roni Size and Mumford & Sons, there's nothing substantial to 'Painkillers' bar her PR companies' obvious faith in the song. Truth be told, this is just another Joss Stone reaction.

Release Date: Out Now