The Cribs - You're Gonna Lose Us/The Wrong Way to Be

Emily Tartanella 05/12/2005

Rating: 4/5

Everyone's favorite Yorkies cap off a stellar year with a stellar piece of work, namely the double-A side of “You're Gonna Lose Us” (both clean and unedited versions) and album track “The Wrong Way to Be.” The first, a jaunty, almost-music hall piece rapidly becomes a testament to the poser-filled DIY scene the Cribs emanated from. “When I'm drunk I can be an arsehole,” singer Ryan Jarman confesses. “But that don't mean I've got no class no!” Employing their trademark scruffy harmonies, “You're Gonna Lose Us” is catchier than anything their (unfortunate) friends the Kaisers have put out.

“The Wrong Way to Be,” by contrast, is Blondie crossed with classic American indie, and somehow works all the better for the contrast. “Your scene has got a lot to answer for,” eh? The Cribs, from “Hey Scenesters” to this number, never stop trying to take down the hipsters, and more credit to them. A little after halfway in, The Cribs break into an irresistible chant of “You know it's not right but it's something you like.” Whether or not you hate the current trend of scuzz-punk art rockers, this is just too infectious to ignore.