UXL - Beautiful Today

Natasha Footman 02/02/2006

Rating: 2/5

This band sound all too familiar. This band look boring and plain. This band have a single that has a chorus made up of the line 'Isn't she beautiful today?' repeated three times. No, that is a lie; sometimes they sing the line more than three times. Wow.

I'm trying to place exactly where I recognize their music but from one section of single 'Beautiful Today' the song seems to break and make it sound more like a bunch of components tied disjointedly together. The song is 'pleasant' enough, but in a grate-your-teeth and rather-be-scratching-your-nails-on-a-blackboard way. It's the sort of daytime pop that your mum will enjoy; formalized, unoriginal and safe, and definitely does not offer for an enjoyable listening experience.

For UXL, it's just not looking good. Handle with earmuffs.