Willy Mason - Save Myself

Louise Evans 19/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

After his debut album was received with high praise back in 2004 the pressure must have really been on Willy Mason's still young shoulders. So after touring he once more headed back home to Martha's Vineyard to start work on album number two "If The Ocean Gets Rough" from which 'Save Myself' is the first single.

The singles released from "Where The Humans Eat" were all from the catchier end of his repertoire and this is no different. Starting off with typical Willy Mason twanging guitar and just a hint of drums supplied by his brother Sam (who again lends his talents to the whole album); the track is built up by adding those distinctive vocals, strings during the verses and giving extra prominence to the bass during the chorus. The gravelly deep vocals stay within their comfort range yet this just increases the authenticity of his ever world-wise socially observant lyrics.

Based on this evidence it looks very promising for "If The Ocean Gets Rough." Mason is showing he has lost none of his talent as a songwriter over the last couple of years and it is highly likely he is in for even more acclaim in the next few months.